Hair where you donít want it is a personal problem that can at best be an inconvenience, but at worst is a condition that causes distress and even depression. At Blue Moon Beauty Salon I will listen to you, offer you the best laser treatment for your hair type and location and give you realistic expectations from laser hair removal.
I canít promise to make you 100% hair free forever, but I do expect to give you up to 70% permanent reduction in 8-12 treatments.

IPulse IPL delivers safe bursts of light, which are absorbed by melanin in your hair, destroying the follicle from the root with minimum side effects. Results are long lasting, quick, virtually pain free and clinically safe.

Prices start from £20 per treatment for a small to medium area.

†A confidential consultation with patch test is £20 which is redeemable on your first treatment.


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