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Hopi Ear Candle treatment at Blue Moon Beauty Salon

Hopi Ear Candle

22.00 40 mins

The candles are placed gently into the external ear canal. As you relax, warm smoke travels down the candle, creating a gentle vacuum effect helping to draw out wax & impurities. Both ears are treated, with each candle taking approximately 10 minutes to burn down. The treatment incorporates a relaxing facial & deep scalp massage. A course of treatments is generally recommended. Hopi ear candles can help to treat:

Excessive ear wax,
Sinus congestion,
Allergy symptoms

Indian Head Massage

25.00 45 mins

Indian Head Massage is performed through clothes, using a range of pressure point & friction techniques covering the face, scalp, neck, shoulders & upper back.

Relaxes tension from the back neck & shoulders,
Helps relieve stress, headaches & eyestrain
Relaxes the scalp
Helps to improve the texture of the hair

Aromatherapy/ Swedish Massage

35.00 1 hour

Using flowing massage techniques, the whole body is worked upon; back, neck, shoulders, legs & arms, using pressure point techniques on the face, completing the treatment with a deep scalp massage. Regular massage helps to maintain your general health & well being, helping to prevent imbalance and promote good health.

Hot Stone Back Massage
25.00 30 mins
Hot Stone Full Body Massage

38.00 1 hour

Reiki and Chakra Balancing
25.00 45 mins

Anti Stress Massage
25.00 45mins
This treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder
massage, facial cleanse / tone and finishes with
a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage
22.00 30mins
Sports Remedial Massage
40.00 1 hour


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